What to do in the garden this month- April

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in Melbourne the past few weeks! As well as the temperature changes, there are many plants that have already started to slow down for the colder months. The deciduous Plane trees on my street are beginning to lose their leaves and every year i just wish they would have more brilliant colour changes, however sadly it goes from green to brown with nothing in between.

With only 6 or so weeks until winter is officially here, a few tips for what to do in the garden are below: 

1. if you have plants that dislike frost, provide them with a light frame. 

2. Give Hydrangeas a hard pruning. 

3. Trim hedges to keep them compact. 

4. Fertilise all potted plants with a slow release fertiliser

5. Keep up with the lawn mowing even though the growth is slowing down. Just make sure to adjust the height.

6. Top up your mulch to prevent weed growth and maintain soil moisture.

7. Pinch passionfruit vines tips to encourage lateral growth.