We really have had such an intense summer here in Victoria. Endless days of above 40 degrees and my garden, despite being low maintenance and hardy, has suffered.

This year for the first time i noticed my succulents looking particularly sick. I have Echeveria in a pot located on a north facing windy terrace. It’s leaves started to look wrinkled and wilted. I was so confused as succulents are hardy, love hot dry periods and low water. Wrong. They can actually get to the point where they require water……

After a few days of consecutive watering, the leaves have become plump again and it is now back to it’s happy self and has even start to give off flowers.

It is possible to also over water your succulent. The signs will be somewhat similar to that of not enough water.

Overwatering- leaves will turn black and rot and/or soft and mushy. Leaves will also begin to drop.

Underwatering- shrivelled leaves. leaves feel soft and appear wrinkled.