Plant of the month - Hymenosporum flavum

Botanical name: Hymenosporum flavum

Common name: Native Frangipani

Origin: East coast of Australia

When something is in flower, i become a little obsessed with it, and tend to remember how much i love it!

Native Frangipani is one tree that tends to get overlooked. I think most people know Frangipani’s, but are yet to discover the native version. The flowers smell just as good and i think that it is just as beautiful…and really nothing at all like a frangipani.

It grows to approximately 10m tall, a little smaller in cooler areas.

The whole canopy of the tree is covered in sweetly fragrant and yellowy cream flowers which age to a deep orange, and are borne throughout spring & early summer.

Photos taken in West Melbourne, Victoria

Photos taken in West Melbourne, Victoria